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Still diggin’ through the archives

Still trying to get everything back up.  Many more pictures to come as I dig further back.  Soon I’ll have some new stuff up.  Going on vacation for a week soon over Thanksgiving.  That will be a blast and there is always stuff to shoot up there.   I’ll mention more of that when I post some pictures from last thanksgiving.  In these pictures my sister was kind enough to pose for me.  The first time she did she told me when we were done that she had way more fun than she though she’d have.  LOL not sure what that says about what she was expecting!  But I’ll take a compliment wherever it lies.

These were taken up in Keene, more specifically Hart Flats here in California.  Lots of great woodsy type areas to shoot in.  We hit the hills with about an hour til sundown and I think we got some good shots.  We at least had a lot of fun again. :)   Also, one of these pictures uses a preset I made for Lightroom.  I’ll upload it tomorrow with a better description of what it does.

Moving forward with old content

I’ve been working on some older photographs lately.  Stuff I took a long time ago but never got around to editing.  I’ve been going back and working on them (I felt kind of bad for never giving the model any pictures) and the practice has been good I think.

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my portraits in shooting and in post.  I can see where I need to improve things and try to get better with each shoot.  Its time to invest in some reflectors methinks and use those to shoot with. (this may take some time to get this investment unfortunately)  And I have been working on my post methods quite a bit.  Here are some of the shots I am working on recently.  Some of these shots have been reworked as well.  As I improve in my post techniques I have a tendency to want to go back and work on some of my older stuff to see the difference.  Or to just look at it with a new eye.

Starting Over

With the accidental death of my webpage and previous blog, I decided to try a new blog, that can work more like a website.  At least for right now.  I’ll probably get back into making another webpage, but man, after putting so much into the last one only to have it disappear….  Ugh.  And here I go preaching about backups to everyone else.  Never dawned on me to backup my website or blog.

So here is my first post.  I’ll update this post in a bit to include my old, old blog for older pictures.  But to start off here are some of my favorites I did for a family recently.