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Ignore Laundry Day

Played around a bit with my diffuser/reflector I got for Christmas from my parents.  Its definitely an interesting device.  And way complicated to use without help.  But maybe I can find some friends who wouldn’t mind doing grunt work for free…  Otherwise, I can make due on my own.  These pictures are of Pyro and Willow.  Pyro the redhead and Willow the Black and White.  They like to get up on the couch and watch everyone on our street.  Please ignore the laundry on the back of the couch.  My wife would probably kill me to see these up on the net.

The pictures use natural light from the window with the reflector held by either my hand or my wife slightly off camera right.  The diffuser my parents got for me was a 3 foot Lasolite Tri-Grip.  So far I love the thing.  The reflected light is considerably cooler than the natural light though, so I will probably get another type of reflector before too long.  I’m doing some headshots soon for someone and hopefully the diffuser will come in pretty handy.