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Candle Light Service

Our church had our annual candle light service tonite.  It was amazing how so many things could go wrong in one night.  The pastor’s mic was giving him fits by making exploding sounds for no reason.  Dy ended up turning him off and he just had to project the whole night.  Then someone fell over.  They had to call an ambulance.  Just a rough night in general.

About the pictures now,  I always enjoy taking pictures of the bells players, however I always end up with the same looking shots.  So this time, I decided to try and see what kind of different pictures I could come up with.  The two shown below were my two favorites.  There is also a picture of a friend of mine playing the violin tonite.   She did wonderfully and I’ve been wanting to work on my black and white’s a bit so you may see some more of those showing up in my blog posts.  The panoramic picture is of our congregation at the very end of the service.  Candle’s are passed out and lit, the lights are turned off and we say a prayer ending the night.