New Flash!

Got my first speedlight in the mail tonite!  I ordered it over a month ago with some birthday money.  It’s not a nikon, its a third party aftermarket flash made in Hong Kong.  It was ordered off of ebay and I still had enough of the $80 left to order a wireless trigger for it too!  I can’t wait to get it out and take some portraits with it.  Melissa is in town starting tomorrow, so one day next week we’re going to have to get out there and shoot!  I got a lot of stuff I want to try and do so we’ll see how they turn out!

The flash is fully manual.  No TTL, but for getting me started in flash photography it shall do nicely.  Soon as I can come up with some more cash I’ll probably pick up an sb-400 or something.  I’m looking forward to getting fairly proficient with single flash photography before I jump into multiple flashes.  If anyone is looking for info on speedlight photography I think this is the best source. This guy is simply amazing and has a wealth of information he’s willing to give you right there on his site for free!

Also hit up if you’re wanting even more information on off camera flash photography.  The wealth of knowledge from these two sites is astounding.  I did a couple shots of the flash and flash box, and added a bonus of Dyellen and Eden, who were the first willing models for the camera tonite.  Oh, and Dy’s walking shoe. :) Enjoy!

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