How much is the doggy in the window?

Hey there!  Haven’t been here in a while I know.  I’ve been working on house stuff and not shooting lately.  Getting closer to the foster-to-adopt!  I know I had some shots like these a couple of posts back, but they were fun to do and I always love taking shots of the dogs. :) This time around its Willow, Pyro, and Anara.   I’m enjoying desaturation at the moment, and a couple of these shots reflect that.  The way I’ve been desaturating is making a invert layer adjustment in photoshop, then changing the adjustment layer type from normal to color, and then droping the opacity down to about 30%.  The lower the opacity, the less desaturated it is.

Hope anyone reading this likes the shots and I’m hoping to have quite a few more model shots coming up again.  My sister will be back in town next week, and Jessica has agreed to do some more shots soon as well.  I’m also trying to hand cards to strangers, but I think they all think I’m a creeper….

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