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For the Pups

If you follow me on twitter you may remember me saying I wanted to take some more pictures of my dogs and that I hadn’t done it for a while.  Well I took some over my Thanksgiving break!  We had a great time at Lake Lopez, can’t wait for next year!  Dy and I took the whole week this time around, it was amazing.  I’ll have one more post coming up about our trip as wellas some fun pictures of the family so I’ll save the details for the next post.

The two dogs you see in the shot are Eden and Willow.  Eden is the lab, Willow is the husky.  We only took them on the trip.  Anara started having seizures this year, Kaylee hates getting in the car, and Pyro had just finished going into heat.  So they all got to stay home for the week.


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