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Comparing old and new

It always surprises me to go back and retry new techniques I pick up along the way.  It seems there is always another way to do things.  Not to mention my tastes in photographs will change over time as well.  When I first started working on pictures (which wasn’t that long ago) I favored heavily saturated pictures.   I liked the colors to be so bright you knew it was more than you saw in real life.

I’m starting to find myself liking a different style a bit more now.  I’ve dropped some examples below, the first is the newer processing I’ve been doing lately followed by some processing I did a few months ago.   I think I’m starting to get closer to something I can begin to call my own, my style.  Still not quite there yet.


I’m not very big on the whole landscape thing.  I like shooting it, I just have a hard time getting out there and doing it.  I’ve got two places that I’ve been thinking about taking pictures of for over a year now.  The shot above I procrastinated for 6 months before I finally decided to go out and get the picture.  Good thing I went when I did, as they took the derrick down 2 weeks later.

Half the reason I procrastinate is because of the sky.  Here in Taft/Bakersfield, we usually only get clouds right before or right after it rains.  Otherwise its more haze.  I’ve been trying to push myself to go out and get more landscape shots, but then I think about the drive and the timing, and I say, “oh I’ll do it tomorrow”.  You can guess what I say the next day….

Lightroom Preset: Golden Age

I created this preset a couple months ago.  Click here to get it.

The photo above shows the difference between an unedited photo and the preset.  Typically speaking I’ve had to change the exposure and black levels on a per picture basis, but between all of the photos below that is the only difference.  (except the texture on the picture with the car)  I’ve used this preset a few times and I hope someone else will get some good use out of it. :)


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