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New Flash!

Got my first speedlight in the mail tonite!  I ordered it over a month ago with some birthday money.  It’s not a nikon, its a third party aftermarket flash made in Hong Kong.  It was ordered off of ebay and I still had enough of the $80 left to order a wireless trigger for it too!  I can’t wait to get it out and take some portraits with it.  Melissa is in town starting tomorrow, so one day next week we’re going to have to get out there and shoot!  I got a lot of stuff I want to try and do so we’ll see how they turn out! Read the rest of this entry »

New Blog theme soon!

I’m tired of my blog design.  I’ve gone through two of them and am ready to start my own theme.  Something that says me.  Of course this takes time to do and I still have some other things on my plate.  However, I will get it done.  The themes I’ve been using are just tough to deal with and I have some very specific ideas of the ways I want my blog to go.

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Happy New Year!

Time for 2010!  I hope anyone who reads this had a fantastic new years.  I spent the day today in LA doing headshots for a friend of the family.  She had emailed me a few weeks ago asking if it was possible to do some headshots for her school.  I was nervous today, because I’ve never tried to do “headshots” before.  I had no idea how to pose or what I wanted to do.  I did some research into headshots online and tried to look at what others had done. I had also wanted to try out my homemade background.  All of these pictures were taken in natural light using only one reflector or one diffuser.  My background is made out of two types of fabric, one light one dark, and pvc to hold it up.  I think it worked out ok for how cheap it was to make.  I do need to reinforce it though, as a slight gust of wind would cause it to start falling.

Headshots as a general rule I believe are not to have too much retouching done.  I did very little to these pics.   Color correction, blemish removal, fixing the background, and minor eye sharpening and lightening.  No real heavy lifting on these shots.  I think they came out pretty good!


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